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Comprehensive Cyber Defense Services for Corporations & Government

What to expect when you engage us

Step 1

We provide Cybersecurity Assessment Services from E&Y, or third-party vendors of your choice.

Step 2

We build your cyber strategy. We make your organization nearly impenetrable and safe from various cyber weapons & methods that are not commonly known.

Step 3

We watch your security 24x7, and train your teams to monitor cyber warfare and crime cases.

What we do

Risk & Maturity Assessment
Defense Effectiveness Testing
Incident Response Exercises
Improvement Plan

Our most preferred services

Prevention of Sudden Death

Industry & Open Source Monitoring

RF Bug Scanning and Detection

Psychographics & Organizational Analysis

Dark Web Monitoring

Ransom Protectin & Prevention

Prevention of Sudden Death

'Death-bricking' a company is to comprehensively attack on all IP addresses and digital assets to remove the 100% digital footprint of your corporation from the planet. We defend your company from such cyber weapons. We provide methodology to prevent, mitigate and isolate such attack.

engagement model.jpg

Engagement Model

  • Custom team for each customer

  • Small elite security monitoring team

  • We train customers security team and work in tandem 

  • We become the security/training and last line of defense for customer

Contact Us

Our team will get in touch with you shortly.

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